About Us

Whether you are a prospective student, current student, family member, or faculty/staff member, we hope our website will provide insight about our dedication to creating an inclusive educational environment for all Georgia Tech students.  Please take some time to browse through our website to find more information on how to register for services, guidelines for documentation, details about accommodations, and helpful information for faculty and staff.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to all programs and activities offered at Georgia Institute of Technology. Our goal is to foster the full and self-directed participation of persons with disabilities in post-secondary education, including students, faculty, staff and visitors. Comprehensive support services and accommodations are available to encourage and enable them to take full advantage of Georgia Tech's educational, social, and cultural opportunities.

What We Do

Disability Services provides support, resources, and accommodations to more than 600 students with chronic disabilities. Staff members serve as full time advocates for students with disabilities to ensure physical and programmatic access to make the Georgia Tech campus, and a Georgia Tech education, accessible and inclusive for all students. In addition to providing services to students, we also strive to be a resource for faculty and staff.

Disability Services proves support and resource information for students with disabilities at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  The Office of Disability Services operates under the guideslines of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its amendments (ADAAA).  Our office servces any Georgia Tech student who has a documented, qualifying disability.