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How do the responsibilities of working with students with disabilities at Georgia Tech differ from those of high schools?

The responsibilities towards students with disabilities at Georgia Tech are very different from those of high schools. High schools are required under IDEA to identify the educational needs of students with a disability and provide a free and appropriate education.

This responsibility is not required of Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech is required to provide appropriate academic accommodations to ensure that a student with a disability is not discriminated against. The student is responsible for disclosing his or her disability to Georgia Tech. Therefore, Georgia Tech is not responsible for seeking out or identifying students with disabilities.

What are the responsibilities of a student with a disability if he or she would like to receive accommodations?

A student with a disability is responsible for requesting accommodations through the Office of Disability Services. A student with a disability is also responsible for providing acceptable documentation of his or her disability.

Can I request accommodations for my child?

All requests for accommodations must come directly from the student.

Can I speak with the office in regards to my child’s accommodations or situation?

As a young adult, the student may choose to have information about his or her case discussed with his or her parent(s) through signing a release. The release cannot be a blanket release for the student’s entire college career.

Is an IEP considered acceptable documentation?

An IEP is used in elementary and secondary schools to identify how the curriculum should be adapted in order to meet the educational needs of a student. IEPs do not include the diagnostic data needed in order for the documentation to be satisfactory. Therefore, an IEP is not considered acceptable documentation, nor is the IEP Summary of Performance (SOP) sufficient documentation in and of itself. IEPs and SOPs may be submitted along with other documentation as supporting materials

Does the office provide tutorial services?

Disability Services does not provide tutorial services. Tutorial services must be obtained and funded privately. However, tutorial services are offered throughout the campus.

Is there a charge for receiving accommodations from Disability Services?

There is no charge for receiving accomodations.