Testing Accommodations

The Testing Center is available to students registered with Disability Services who qualify for testing accommodations. Professors are welcome to provide the approved testing accommodations within the department; however when this is not possible, the Testing Center is available as an alternative.

Testing Center Information
Testing Center Guidelines
Frequently Asked Questions

Scantron and pencilTesting Center Information

Location: Smithgall Student Services Building (Flag Building), Suite 265
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm
Phone: 404-385-2325
Email: dstesting@gatech.edu
*Important note: do not send test requests to dsinfo@studentlife.gatech.edu.


Testing Center Guidelines

1.) If a student needs to use accommodations in a particular class, the student must deliver his or her Accommodation Letter and discuss their accommodations with their instructor. Students should go to the professor's office hours or determine another time where they can meet one-one-one with the instructor.

 2.) Students utilizing the Testing Center must schedule testing appointments a full five (5) working days in advance. Any negligence on your part in scheduling your exams may jeopardize the availability and use of our facilities for that exam, even with consent from your professor. You can schedule a test one of two ways:

  • Email the Testing Center at dstesting@gatech.edu. The following must be included in your email:

    • Course name

    • Professor's name and email address

    • Type of test (ex. Test 2 or Midterm)

    • Location the class will be taking the test (ex. Clough Commons, room 144)

    • Length of class period (ex. 50 minutes, 80 minutes, etc.)

    • Date and time the class is taking the test

    • Date and time you are requesting to take the test

5.) Students are permitted one (1) late sign-up per semester. A late sign up must occur within two (2) working days of the test date. Requests to schedule a test the day before a test will not be approved, even with a late pass.

6.) Students are expected to test at the same time as the class, unless doing so impacts course attendance for another class or  would fall outside of the Testing Center's operating hours. If a conflict exists, students must discuss this with their instructor prior to scheduling a test with the Testing Center.

7.) Students must arrive within ten (10) minutes of their scheduled start time. Tardiness, up to 10 minutes, will result in reduction of testing time. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes after their scheduled start time will only be permitted to take the test at the Testing Center with the approval of the instructor.

8.) Professors are sent an instruction form before each test. Students will only be allowed to utilize the materials that the professor indicates on the instruction form. It is in a student's best interest to remind their professor to notify the Testing Center if any resources (such as notes or a calculator) are allowed during the exam.

9.) Only the items listed on the instruction sheet may be in the test area with a test taker. If a student is found to have a prohibited item with them, such as a cell phone, the incident will be reported to the instructor.

10.) All violations of academic integrity will be reported to the course instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the earliest I can sign up for an exam?

You can sign up for tests as soon as you're made aware of the test date. All exams must be scheduled five (5) business days in advance, however we strongly encourage that you sign up for all of your tests for the current semester at the beginning of the term.

I have an exam tomorrow that I forgot to sign up for. Is it too late to schedule?

Yes, it is too late to schedule this test. We do not schedule any tests the day before. There are no exceptions to this policy, even if the instructor approves the request. The latest you can schedule a test is two (2) working days before the test.

I have scheduled an exam with the Testing Center. When does my time start?

Your timer will start at the time you scheduled your test, not at the time you arrive. Students who are more than 10 minutes late must reschedule the test, upon approval from their instructor.

My professor announced in class that we would be allowed to use our notes on the test. Will I be allowed to use these in the Testing Center?

Yes, as long as the professor provided us with those instructions. The professor must specifically notify the Testing Center of what materials are allowed. We cannot use the syllabus as evidence that materials are allowed.

What is a late pass?

All students are allowed to use one "late pass" per semester. A late pass allows a student to schedule a test two (2) working days in advance, instead of the typical three (3). Once a late pass has been used for the semester, students will not be permitted to schedule any additional tests after the deadline.

Campus was closed due to bad weather, and my exam was rescheduled. What do I need to do?

Contact us to reschedule as soon as you're made aware of the new test date to ensure that we have space to accommodate you.