Note Taking Service

How Do I Become A Note Taker?

1. Listen for a note taker announcement in your class or a posting on your class email list or web page.  Announcements are usually made during the first few weeks of classes, but sometimes they will come later in the semester. 

Once you receive notice that a note taker is needed, please email to indicate your interest in the position. Please include the course name/number, section, professor's name, and day/time of the class you are signing up for. If you are selected for the position, you will be contacted by our office.

2. You may also go directly to our note taker matching site to enter your class information.  You may do this at the beginning of every semester, even if you have not received a notification. If your courses match a student needing a notetaker,  you will be contacted by our office

3. Once you have been selected for the note taking position, you will need to complete a brief online training. This training should only take about 5-10 minutes to complete.


Note Taker Responsibilities

1. Note takers are expected to attend classes in which they are already registered and take notes for a student registered with the Office of Disability Services.  Note takers are expected to attend class on a regular basis.  If for some reason the note taker cannot attend class, it is the note taker's responsibility to find a replacement and have the notes scanned.

2. Confidentiality is an important element to the note taker program.  If you learn the identity of the student that you are taking notes for, please do NOT share this information. 

3. All notes will be delivered either two or three times a week, depending on your course schedule, via email to: The subject line should be: Course Name/Number Notes and Student ID Number (for example: PHYS2211 G Notes – ID Number: 149). In the body of the email, please indicate the date of the lecture and any other details.

4. Note takers are required to email the notes on their selected days. If a note taker is scheduled to email notes, but there are no class notes, he or she should send an email with the normal subject line and indicate there were no notes in the body of the email.

5. On the last day of class before an exam is given, please ensure that all the notes leading up to the exam have been sent. 

6. Note takers are paid per course. Additional services, such as attending recitation or typing notes, may merit additional payment. If notes are not submitted as agreed, payment will be prorated accordingly.

7. Payment:  All note takers will now only be paid by check via UPS and must complete an Electronic-Vendor Profile Form (E-VPF) to obtain a vendor number, if you do not already have one.  All international students must contact for international vendor registration instructions.  Students who do not complete the proper paperwork as instructed forfeit their paymentPayment typically occurs three to four weeks after the end of the semester. For more information, please see the Note Taker Payment page.