Temporary Disabilities

Georgia Tech students may request temporary accommodations for short-term disabilities.  Temporary disabilities may include, but are not limited to: broken bones, temporary conditions caused by surgery, concussions, and other conditions that may impact academic and campus life. 

In order to obtain assistance, please fill out our Temporary Request Form and submit supporting documentation. Documentation should include the medical condition, expected duration of the limitation, and any recommendations for accommodations. The documentation must be an offical letter, written by a qualified medical professional, and printed on letterhead. Prescriptions written on a prescription pad are not accepted as appropriate documentation. The documentation may be faxed, emailed, or brought by in person. Please see the Contact Us page for contact information.

The Temporary Request Form can be completed electronically and emailed to adaptsinfo@mail.gatech.edu or printed and submitted to our office via fax or in person. If completing the form electronically, please use the electronic version of the form. If completing the form by hand, please use the PDF version.

Temporary Request Form - Electronic Version

Temporary Request Form - PDF Version