Alternate Format Materials

Those who receive alternate formatting for textbooks should submit their book requests as soon as they are aware of the texts needed for their courses. The default format will be electronic text unless otherwise notified. 

Requests are made via the Student Download Center. 

To Make a Request through the Student Download Center:

1.    Sign into the AMAC Student Download Center

2.    Select "My Requests" from the top navigation tabs.

3.    Select the "Submit New Request" button.

4.    Fill out the form completely. 

5.    You can scan and attach your receipt to the form or bring a copy of the receipt to our office. If you are bringing a copy to the office, please do so ASAP so we can approve your order.

6.    Click "Add Request" once you’ve completed the form.

Once you have entered your request, a Disability Services staff member will log in and either approve the order or ask for more information. Make sure to check the “My Requests” tab in the Student Download Center to check the status of your book order.