Testing Center

When is the earliest I can sign up for an exam?

You can sign up for tests as soon as you're made aware of the test date. All exams must be scheduled five (5) business days in advance, however we strongly encourage that you sign up for all of your tests for the current semester at the beginning of the term.  Sign up for exams by accessing Accommodate through the main Disability Services page.

I have an exam tomorrow that I forgot to sign up for. Is it too late to schedule?

Yes, it is too late to schedule this test. We do not schedule any tests the day before. There are no exceptions to this policy, even if the instructor approves the request. The latest you can schedule a test is two (2) working days before the test with a late pass.

I have scheduled an exam with the Testing Center. When does my time start?

Your timer will start at the time you scheduled your test, not at the time you arrive. Students who are more than 10 minutes late must reschedule the test, upon approval from their instructor.

What is a late pass?

All students are allowed to use one "late pass" per semester. A late pass allows a student to schedule a test two (2) working days in advance, instead of the typical five (5). Once a late pass has been used for the semester, students will not be permitted to schedule any additional tests after the deadline.

My professor announced in class that we would be allowed to use our notes on the test. Will I be allowed to use these in the Testing Center?

Yes, as long as the professor provided us with those instructions. The professor must specifically notify the Testing Center of what materials are allowed. We cannot use the syllabus as evidence that materials are allowed.

Campus was closed due to bad weather, and my exam was rescheduled. What do I need to do?

Contact us to reschedule as soon as you're made aware of the new test date to ensure that we have space to accommodate you.


Does the office provide tutorial services?

Disability Services does not provide tutorial services. However, tutorial services are offered throughout the campus.

Is there a charge for receiving accommodations from Disability Services?

There is no charge for receiving accommodations.

How do the responsibilities of working with students with disabilities at Georgia Tech differ from those of high schools?

The responsibilities towards students with disabilities at Georgia Tech are very different from those of high schools. High schools are required under IDEA to identify the educational needs of students with a disability and provide a free and appropriate education.

This responsibility is not required of Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech is required to provide appropriate academic accommodations to ensure that a student with a disability is not discriminated against. The student is responsible for disclosing his or her disability to Georgia Tech. Therefore, Georgia Tech is not responsible for seeking out or identifying students with disabilities.

What are the responsibilities of a student with a disability if he or she would like to receive accommodations?

A student with a disability is responsible for requesting accommodations through the Office of Disability Services. A student with a disability is also responsible for providing acceptable documentation of his or her disability.

Can I request accommodations for my child?

All requests for accommodations must come directly from the student.

Can I speak with the office in regards to my child’s accommodations or situation?

As a young adult, the student may choose to have information about his or her case discussed with his or her parent(s) through signing a release. The release cannot be a blanket release for the student’s entire college career.

What type of documentation is required?

Students should submit any documentation that they feel is appropriate to support their requested accommodations.  Helpful information may include medical records, psycho educational testing reports, and school records, such as IEPs or 504 plans. While every request is considered on a case-by-case basis, there are guidelines for documentation set by the University System of Georgia that our team uses in our review.  Please note that students should not delay meeting with us out of concern for not having the right paperwork. Each coordinator will discuss specific third party documentation needs during the Welcome Meeting and steps students can take after the meeting should further documentation be needed. Students should submit the documentation they have and think is appropriate.
Every person is unique. A detailed conversation about the student's experiences and expectations will help identify the information necessary to support individual accommodation requests.