Below are commonly requested accommodations. Specific barriers to academic inclusion are discussed with students, and other accommodations may be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Alternate Format Materials        

alternate format materials

When standard print is a barrier, textbooks and other printed academic materials, such as syllabi and articles, can be converted to electronic text, Braille or large print. 

Sign Language Interpreters & Captionists

CC services

Disability Services hires Sign Language Interpreters and CART captioners to provide access to individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. These services are available for all academic needs, meetings, workshops, as well as for any other activities sponsored by the Institute.

Course Attendance                

course attendance

A student who is connected with Disability Services, may qualify for additional class absences as an accommodation. This accommodation is most frequently granted to students who have documented chronic health conditions which occasionally cause them to be absent from class.



Students with disabilities are welcome and encouraged to live in on-campus housing.  Georgia Tech values the contributions all students make in our communities, and we seek to provide accessible housing to meet the needs of everyone.

Note Taking

note taking

Having access to quality notes is, for most students, integral to the learning process. The Note Taking accommodation can facilitate access to quality course notes.

Transportation Services

GT Stinger Bus

Georgia Tech students with a disability that requires transportation as a reasonable accommodation or students who have a temporary disability due to an unexpected injury may utilize the alternate transportation service on an ongoing or limited time.