Incoming First-Year Class of 2022

Congratulations on your decision to join our campus community!  Georgia Tech is a nationally ranked, academically challenging, and socially diverse Institute where numerous possibilities await you. We are excited to welcome you to Georgia Tech; the Office of Disability Services is here to provide resources to insure a smooth transition to Tech. Let us answer a few questions for you.

  1. How can I request accommodations? When can I request accommodations? When do I register for classes?
    You will request accommodations through our public New Student Accommodation Request Form. We will begin reviewing new student requests June 22; we recommend students attend FASET and register for their courses prior to their initial intake appointment. In the meantime, please review the documentation guidelines of your disability diagnosis information; when you submit your Accommodations Request, you will need to upload your documentation, so please make sure it meets the University System of Georgia's guidelines.

    You will register for classes during FASET. You can learn more about FASET here. And yes, we will have plenty of time between you registering for classes and classes starting to establish and implement your accommodations.

  2. What about Housing Accommodations?
    When you complete your Housing Application, you will indicate you need housing accommodations. Please be as specific and detailed as possible! Think through the daily steps you take now - what about your current living experience is ameliorating the limitations of your disability? Please include this information on your Housing Application.

Please send some time navigating our website as we try to make available information and resources you may need. If our website cannot answer your questions, please email us at 

Please know it could take 1-3 weeks to get started with ODS. This timeline is based on a number of potential factors, including but not limited to: the nature of the accommodation or auxiliary aid, the submission of appropriate supporting documentation, and the availability of intake appointments during peak semester times.

  • Newly admitted students are advised to start this process once they have confirmed admission to the Institute.
  • Georgia Tech students already enrolled should engage with ODS as soon as possible once they have identified a barrier or need.

Accommodations are not applied retroactively. Therefore, it is imperative you plan ahead to allow for the necessary time to complete the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Complete the Online New Student Accommodations Request. This application is for a new student to indicate their disability or disabilities, and how their disability impacts them as a student. New students will also upload their supporting documentation to this application.

Georgia Tech has specific documentation guidelines set by the University System of Georgia. Please review these documentation guidelines to avoid delays in processing accommodations requests.

Step 2: Schedule an Intake Meeting. Once the New Student Accommodations Request has been completed, an email will be sent confirming the receipt of the Accommodations Request. This email will include a link to schedule an appointment online through ODS’ online Accommodate system.

Step 3: Prepare for your Intake Meeting.