Testing Center Procedures

The Disability Services Testing Center provides proctoring services for students connected with the Office of Disability Services at Georgia Tech.  The Testing Center staff is dedicated to providing an excellent experience for students and faculty.

Instructors are encouraged to provide the approved testing accommodations within the department; however when this is not possible, the  Disability Services Testing Center is available as an alternative.

Testing Center Procedures

1.) When a student needs to use testing accommodations in a particular class, the student must deliver his or her Course Accessibility Letter and discuss their accommodations with their instructor. Students should go to the professor's office hours or determine a time when they can meet one-on-one with the instructor. The discussion can also occur over email or phone if an in person meeting is not possible.

2.) We encourage students to schedule all exams with the Testing Center within the first two weeks of the semester.  If this is not possible, students utilizing the Testing Center must schedule testing appointments a full five (5) working days in advance. Please access Accommodate to schedule all exams.

3.) Students are permitted one late sign-up per semester.  A late sign up must occur within four working days of the exam date.  Requests to schedule a test the day before a test will not be approved, even with a late pass.

4.) Students are expected to test at the same time as the class, unless doing so impacts course attendance for another class or would fall outside of the Testing Center's operating hours. If a conflict exists, students must discuss this with their instructor prior to scheduling a test with the Testing Center.

5.) Students must arrive within ten (10) minutes of their scheduled start time. Tardiness, up to 10 minutes, will result in reduction of testing time. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes after their scheduled start time will only be permitted to take the test at the Testing Center with the approval of the instructor.

6.) Only the items listed on the instructions provided by the professor may be in the test area with a test taker. If a student is found to have a prohibited item with them, such as a cell phone, the incident will be reported to the instructor.

7.) All violations of academic integrity will be reported to the Office of Student Integrity and course instructor.

8.) In addition to the points listed above, students are encouraged to review the Policy Changes to Testing Center Procedures available in the Policy Library.