Getting Started

Disability documentation is confidential information from an appropriately certified professional who is knowledgeable about you and your condition. Such professionals include physicians, educational psychologists, therapists, mobility specialists, and rehabilitation counselors. Documentation is used to determine eligibility for disability services and accommodations.

Documentation must be submitted in English.

To register with the Office of Disability Services, you will need to provide documentation that establishes disability status and eligibility for disability services. This documentation should:

  1. Attest to the presence of a disabling condition as defined by the ADA - a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities when compared to most people in the general population, and
  2. Demonstrate substantial limitations impacting performance in the academic environment when compared to most people in the general population.

Documentation must include the following components:

  • Completed by a licensed or credentialed examiner (not a family member)
  • A description of the disability, including the diagnosis and history
  • A description of the current impact in daily living and in an educational setting
  • A description of the expected duration, frequency, severity, and progression of the condition
  • A description of the past use of disability services.

Examples of disability documentation include:

  • Educational, psychological, or medical records;
  • Reports and assessments created by healthcare providers, psychologists, or an educational system;
  • Documents that reflect education and accommodation history, such as Audiology Reports and Vision Assessments;
  • Statement from a health or other service professional;
  • Vocational Assessment

Once you have appropriate documentation, you will complete a New Student Accommodations Request Form and schedule an intake; during this intake, you will meet with one of our disability coordinators, who will review and evaluate your documentation to determine eligibility. During this interactive process, you and the coordinator will also discuss what reasonable accommodations would mitigate the functional limitations of your disability.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact ODS:

Suite 123, Smithgall Student Services Building