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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal statute which gives students certain rights with regards to their educational records. As a result, your experience and involvement as a parent or guardian will be different than your experience and involvement within the K-12 system. The relationship at the Georgia Institute of Technology is between the Office of Disability Services and the student.

IEPs & 504 Plans

IEPs and 504 plans do not exist in the same way at the post-secondary level than they do at the K-12 level. The most significant difference is the role of the school in the provision and implementation of accommodations. At the K-12 system, the school is responsible for both identifying and serving students who need accommodations, auxiliary aids, and services. However, in higher education, students are responsible for identifying themselves to the Office of Disability Services, requesting accommodations, and providing necessary documentation.

Helping your Student Get Started with ODS

To register with the Office of Disability Services and receive accommodations, your student must submit the online New Student Application and upload supporting diagnosis documentation. Following the request submission, your student will attend an intake meeting with a member of the ODS staff.