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The Office of Disability Services is committed to providing guidance and resources for students with disabilities during this time. If you have a question about your accommodations or other accessibility matters, the office will be operating normal business hours in a virtual format.

Appointments are available via phone or teleconference. To schedule an appointment, please contact the office at dsinfo@gatech.edu or via phone at 404-894-2563 and you will be contacted by a staff member.

For those who take exams through Disability Services, your professors are adjusting coursework and will be providing revised syllabi. If they are still choosing to have exams and you have questions about how your accommodations will be implemented, please contact the main office or the Disability Services Test Center at dstesting@gatech.edu.  

Faculty/Instructors - guidance about providing accommodations for students with disabilities in the online environment can be found at the following links:

  1.  Information from the FAQ section of the Academic Continuity Plan (scroll about halfway down the page): https://health.gatech.edu/coronavirus#faqs.
  2. Articles about remote learning accessibility from the Academic Continuity Plan: https://gatech.service-now.com/continuity?id=kb_article_view&sysparm_article=KB0024262
  3. Information on accessible course design from the Center for Teaching and Learning: http://www.ctl.gatech.edu/accessibilityremote

Returning Students:

Please log into AIM and request your accommodation letters. 

AIM Log In

  • Request and print accommodation letters for faculty (Faculty Notification Letters)
  • Schedule and update exam appointments
  • Receive important updates from the Office of Disability Services
  • Faculty: view students with accommodations in your courses and upload exams

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Get Connected

students on campus

Connecting with the Office of Disability Services to discuss educational barriers and reasonable accommodations is a simple process.



faculty teaching

When the design of academic and campus experiences present barriers, accommodations may be necessary. Here you will find information on accommodations to increase access on campus.

Testing Center

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The Disability Services Testing Center is a proctoring resource for faculty and students connected with Disability Services.