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The accommodations listed are a starting point in the conversation between the student, instructor, and the Office of Disability Services (ODS) team. Upon student request or ODS notification (such as a test request), the listed accommodations should be facilitated for the student or discussed with ODS when questions of reasonableness exist.

Accommodations are not retroactive, which means the accommodations are applied once the student has conversed with the instructor either in person, by phone, or by email to discuss accommodation needs. During this exchange, the student and instructor will discuss how the student's accommodations will be applied in the course. The student needs to inform the professor and/or ODS of the intention to use specific accommodations prior to the course event and with a reasonable amount of time for accommodations to be adequately facilitated.

The Office of Disability Services is committed to providing inclusive learning environments. Equal access can often be achieved through course design. However, barriers to learning or assessment may still exist for students with disabilities. Accommodations approved by ODS aim to address those curricular and course design barriers.