Students in a library, person with curly hair, wearing headphones around neck and looking at a computer.

Requesting accommodations

To receive accommodations and services, students must identify themselves to the Office of Disability Services and present official documentation of their disability.  

  • Students requesting accommodations must register with the Office of Disability Services, provide documentation of their disability from healthcare provider and complete the online application. Once the ODS receives your application, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • A representative from our office will schedule an intake meeting within two business days with an ODS Coordinator. 
  • Please submit the appropriate documentation that meets the USG guidance on disability in the AIM portal.

Documentation Guidelines

Documentation must include the following components: 

  • Completed by a licensed or credentialed professional. 
  • Describes the impact of the disability in the academic environment.
  • Describes the functional limitations of the disability and the specifics it has in the academic environment. 
  • A description of the expected duration, frequency, severity, and progression of the condition (if applicable).
  • A description of accommodation utilized in the past.

Examples of Disability Documentation

  • Educational, psychological, or medical records. 
  • Reports and assessments created by healthcare providers and psychologists. Supplemental documentation may include 504 plans, and IEP’s, but additional documents may be required.  
  • Documents that reflect education and accommodation history, such as Audiology Reports and Vision Assessments. 
  • Statement from a healthcare or other service professional.