Calendar and clock composition.
  • Students must schedule exams (tests, quizzes, and midterms) at least five business days in advance. Requests must be submitted through AIM. Please note: weekends aren’t included in business days.
  • Students may schedule an exam for an incomplete course. The request must be made by email at least three business days in advance.
  • Exams scheduled with the Testing Center must be taken within the hours of operation. Any remaining test time at the end of the business day will be forfeited.
  • Students are expected to schedule their exams at the same time as the class unless doing so impacts attendance for another course or would fall outside of the Testing Center’s operating hours. If a conflict exists, the student must consult with the instructor before scheduling the exam.
  • Students who experience difficulties scheduling their exam five business days in advance in AIM should call or email the Testing Center immediately to resolve any technical difficulties.
  • Students should cancel their appointment(s) in AIM as soon as they know that it will not be needed. If that is not possible, the student should inform the Testing Center via phone or email.
  • Students will receive a confirmation email one business day before the exam date. The location of the student’s exam will be included.
  • Students with testing concerns should contact the Testing Center Office via email or call 404.385.2325 .

Final Exam Guidelines

  • Students must schedule final exams through AIM at least 30 business days in advance. The available blocks for scheduling final exams are 8 a.m., 11:30 a.m., and 2:45 p.m. Students may not schedule final exams that will occur during reading periods.
  • In the event a student who has been granted extended testing time as an accommodation for a documented disability is scheduled for two examinations in one day, the examination scheduled second (later) in time may, at the election by the student, be considered in conflict and treated in all other respects as a conflicted examination under Institute Academic Regulation 12(D)(6) ("Final Examinations"). Please note that ONLY students receiving extended time on exams can request permission for an exam reschedule. In addition, students should contact the professor of the course that needs rescheduling before the sign-up deadline if the Testing Center will be utilized for final exam proctoring.
  • Students should plan to check in 30 minutes before any final exam. Additional instructions will be emailed to students one business day before each final exam block.